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Pozo de Las Animas

El Pozo de las Animas is just 6 km from the Valle de Los Molles, on Route 222, near Yellow Creek, which makes it an easy access, ideal for visiting the photographic activity at any time of year.

El Pozo de las Animas is located just 6 km from Valle de Los Molles, on Route 222, near the Arroyo Las Amarillas, making it a place of easy access, ideal to visit for the activity photo at any time of year.
These are two large cavities with mirrors of fresh water to the bottom, forming what is now called the Well of the Souls, a magical place, and above all, amazing.
According to regional traditions, the Well of Souls is the place you go to pray and mourn the lost souls that pass the mountains.
The origin of the Well of Souls is explained by the different processes that went underground deposits of gypsum, that the effects of leaks and water tables shaped large caverns to a level below the surface.
The first well is located opposite the access, and is a large cavity which erosion has stopped, while allowing the walls have been fixing various vegetables.
The second well is even more impressive, not only for its size but mostly by landslides that occur regularly, revealing stones hanging delicately, with the impression of being about to fall into the waters covering the bed of the well.
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